Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A pint of milk and a Prada-look dress please!

I was flicking through one of my weekly fashion mags the other day and came across an article on designer doubles on the highstreet. One item that caught my eye was a Prada inspired printed dress from F+F at Tesco.

Now I’m at Tesco every week without fail to get my food shop in but had never really ventured up the scary, moving travelator to the clothing department. For one thing escalators make me nervous, never mind one you can drag your trolley up, but also I normally want to get in and out of there as quickly as possible so I can spend my precious weekend at home.

However this dress really sparked my curiosity, so last week I decided to brave the travelator and see what the clothing department had to offer and I’m glad I did!

They have lots of really good value, fashionable pieces on offer and the above stood out to me straight away. You can shop online too at www.clothingattesco.com

Dress ₤20
Faux fur coat ₤40
Chain detail leather gloves ₤12
Bow neck floral blouse ₤14.40 (Sale item)
Harem trousers ₤20

Next weeks shopping list contains clothing treats as well as extra clubcard points, yippee! I’m looking forward to my weekly food shop already….

Modern Milly xx

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