Sunday, 31 October 2010

Top of the Crops...

In celebration of my new short haircut, that I have been wanting to try for ages and was finally brave enough to do yesterday, I just wanted to share a couple of my favourite inspirational photos of one of my style icons from the 60's, Twiggy.

Also just wanted to say that I've been so busy with work this week that I've found it hard to post as much as I initially wanted when I first started this blog, however I have come to the conclusion that I should think quality not quantity!

Thankyou so much for everyone's kind, suportive comments too, I can't wait to get more involved in the world of blogging!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Modern Milly xx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A pint of milk and a Prada-look dress please!

I was flicking through one of my weekly fashion mags the other day and came across an article on designer doubles on the highstreet. One item that caught my eye was a Prada inspired printed dress from F+F at Tesco.

Now I’m at Tesco every week without fail to get my food shop in but had never really ventured up the scary, moving travelator to the clothing department. For one thing escalators make me nervous, never mind one you can drag your trolley up, but also I normally want to get in and out of there as quickly as possible so I can spend my precious weekend at home.

However this dress really sparked my curiosity, so last week I decided to brave the travelator and see what the clothing department had to offer and I’m glad I did!

They have lots of really good value, fashionable pieces on offer and the above stood out to me straight away. You can shop online too at

Dress ₤20
Faux fur coat ₤40
Chain detail leather gloves ₤12
Bow neck floral blouse ₤14.40 (Sale item)
Harem trousers ₤20

Next weeks shopping list contains clothing treats as well as extra clubcard points, yippee! I’m looking forward to my weekly food shop already….

Modern Milly xx

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Pearl Lowe at Peacocks!

With my love of vintage style frocks and eye for a bargain I can’t believe that I’ve only just come across the Pearl Lowe collection designed for Peacocks!

To my dismay I was too late to invest in her last collection as her vintage style designs have proved so popular. However Pearl has just launched a Christmas collection for the budget high street store. Hurrah!

The Christmas collection was launched on October 20th at The Connaught Hotel in London. Pearl was joined by her ‘model of the moment’ daughter Daisy Lowe, to promote the 10 piece collection, which is due in selected stores and online in November.

The collection is made up of 10 pieces, mostly pretty, party dresses, inspired by the 20’s, 50’s and 60’s decades. The frocks are priced at ₤40 or under so you don’t have to break the bank to get a bit of vintage glamour this December.

I’m going to make sure I get my order in quickly so I don’t miss out. Bring on the Christmas Party season!

Modern Milly xx

Thursday, 21 October 2010

A lesson in eteaket ....

So I have made a pact with myself to try and uncover some unique, interesting places to spend my lunch breaks. I spend far too much time and money in well known highstreet coffee shops and to be honest even though they are super convenient, I’m getting a tad bored of them!

I love a quality cup of tea, so during a work visit to Edinburgh last week, and with the above mission in mind, I was recommended to check out a little place called eteaket which is situated not far from the main shopping area on Frederick Street.

eteaket describes itself as a tea boutique and the description doesn’t let you down. They have over 40 different varieties of tea to choose from, which they serve in vintage china teapots and teacups. As you’ve probably guessed it was love at first sight!

‘Like many long-term love affairs, Britain’s relationship with tea has become a bit stale. Back when tea was first introduced in the 1600’s there was chemistry and sparks flew. Tea wasn’t taken for granted then; tea was desired, tea was coveted, tea was smuggled. Tea was most definitely sexy!

After a couple of hundred years though Britain has perhaps become a little too comfortable in its relationship with tea; the romance has gone off the boil. It’s cheap, it’s disposable and it’s served as an afterthought - like flowers from a petrol station.

eteaket aims to rekindle Britain’s passion for tea. Think of it as a younger, better-looking toyboy or mistress but without the guilt or the accompanying midlife crisis.’

Above quote taken from the eteaket website.

I didn’t know which one to try first so I thought I’d play safe and order an English Breakfast tea. To my delight my pot of tea arrived along with a little egg timer so I knew when to remove the tea leaf strainer from the pot. I’ve never had loose leaf tea before so was very impressed!

The café’s decor and ambience was bright and welcoming, the perfect location for a spot of lunch or afternoon tea. They also provide free Wifi so I was able to work whilst I sipped from my lovely, vintage, china teacup. Perfect!

This is now definitely my new favourite haunt in Edinburgh and I will most definitely be returning on my next visit. After all I’ve still got 39 more varieties to sample!

For more info check out their website

Modern Milly xx

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday morning treasures....

There was a time when I used to hate Sundays. They were filled with the dreaded back to school/work feeling and headaches from too much partying the night before. That was until I discovered the wonders of car boot sales thanks to my lovely boyfriend!

Yes, you have to get up ridiculously early on a weekend and get wrapped up warm and be prepared for rain….but when you discover some unknown treasure its definitely worth the effort.

I just love trawling the stalls looking at people’s unwanted junk, with the waft of hot tea and bacon butties filling my nose. There is something about the anticipation of spotting something unique and special that I can bring home without it breaking the bank.

Above are some photos of my recently purchased treasures bought at different local car boot sales, mixed with items I've picked up in charity shops. I have had to start putting a limit on how much cash I take with me as our little house is rapidly filling up with vintage furniture and trinkets, never mind my bulging wardrobe.

I just can’t resist a bargain!

Modern Milly xx

Friday, 15 October 2010

My name is Milly.... and I'm a Zara-holic!

Sailors Coat Knit with Piping ₤59.99
White Blouse with lace panels ₤39.99
Studio straight leg trousers without waistband ₤59.99
Chain print silk scarf ₤19.99
City Shoulder bag ₤59.99

The above would look great worn with some comfy tan loafers!


I just can’t seem to get enough of the highstreet store Zara at the moment. I am just loving everything they have to offer and I have compiled a wishlist the length of my arm!

I find their clothing so perfect for what I need for my everyday work wear as its both simple and on trend, and seems to suit my boyish figure. The price points are quite reasonable too as I find the fabrics great quality. Now they are available online it is so easy for me to pick out some really cute outfits to add to my work wardrobe. From the cosy knitwear tied with skinny belts and fitted blazers, to the pretty printed dresses, skirts and blouses, they really have a great choice. Not to mention the plethora of fabulous on trend pants and high-waisted shorts.

Above are a couple of pieces from my ‘want to buy’ list that I styled into an outfit but believe me, I’d be here all day if I listed everything. In fact the perfect solution would be just to have Zara as my walk in wardrobe. No more grumpy mornings when I can’t decide what to wear, as nothing in my wardrobe looks exciting. The possibilities would be endless!

Check out the really easy to shop website at and behold the great wonder that is Zara! What would be on your wishlist?

Have a great weekend all!

Modern Milly xx

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Introducing the delightful Mr Ben!

During my little exploration of Glasgow city centre, I stumbled across a vintage clothing store nestled in a shopping arcade called Kings Court, situated halfway down Kings Street. The bright yellow exterior of Mr Ben caught my eye as I walked by. The excitement of discovering some new vintage treasures pulled me straight inside…. and I wasn’t disappointed!

The store is packed to the rafters with amazing men’s and women’s vintage/retro clothing, accessories and footwear and the shop’s slightly eccentric décor with pretty chandeliers and old photo covered changing room is a pleasure to behold. I didn’t know where to look first!

I had a chat with the lovely owner Mary Ann and found out a little bit about the store and her love for vintage….

What is the history of the store? When was it first opened?

I opened the store nearly 15 years ago. Can’t believe it was that long ago, MUST BE LOVE!

Why vintage?

I have collected vintage clothing from the age of ten or so, in those days it was considered a bit bizarre. Being someone that wore vintage was very much a minority passion then. I even considered calling the shop Le Bizarre.

What or who inspires you?

I had a passion for the glamorous, the kitsch, and the eccentric and I guess vintage just covered all those bases. To this day I still step back in wonder at some of the items I have inherited in one way or another. I take great pleasure when I find the right home for an item, that more than anything inspires me.

What’s your most treasured piece of vintage clothing?

I cannot choose a favourite item; it’s akin to asking a mother to pick a favourite child. My personal collection, after thirty years is quite considerable, so I will have to give it some thought.

What is your favourite decade and why?

The 1920’s or the 1960’s, again I can’t chose. They are both decades of huge shocking changes in fashion, filled with youthful vigour and female emancipation.

If you ever find yourself on Kings Street in Glasgow be sure to check out Mr Ben or you can get more info at

Stay tuned for future collaborations…..

Vintage rules!

Modern Milly xx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Restrospective look at Biba: the Bella Freud years...

As a continuation from my last post I just wanted to show a couple of my favourite oufits from Biba back when Bella Freud was designing for them. For those of you who aren't familiar with the brand back then....

Modern Milly xx

Image 1 - Ready to wear collection SS07
Image 2 - Ready to wear collection AW07/08
Image 3 - Ready to wear colletion AW07/08
Image 4 - Ready to wear collection SS08
Image 5 - Ready to wear collection AW08/09

Biba is back!

(Top to bottom)

Deco beaded batwing blouse ₤95.00
Feather cape ₤50.00
Velvet hareem pants ₤95.00
Gold and black diamond large logo pendant ₤1500.00

Visiting House of Fraser stores around the country, I couldn’t fail to notice the huge window campaigns showcasing the arrival of the newly revamped, British iconic brand Biba.

I was so excited to check out the new collections, expecting some beautiful vintage inspired designs but what I found was something different altogether. Although there are hints of the brands ethos and certain pieces that I fell in love with at first sight, the new collection has had a 21st Century makeover and is most definitely catered towards a more commercial market.

The new collection spans from every day wear and denims, through to full blown evening wear, fine jewellery and accessories. The ad campaign is fronted by the gorgeous Daisy Lowe to inject that touch of modern day cool. To find out more info about the collection and also view behind the scenes footage of Daisy Lowe shooting the ad campaign and look book, visit

My favourite pieces are shown above and are all available to buy online at I’ve totally fallen in love with the Deco beaded batwing blouse but at ₤95.00 it’s a tad on the pricey side. As for the gold and black diamond necklace, well a girl can only dream!

Anyway after having a good look at the new collection and revamp of the brand image, I have to admit that I personally prefer Biba circa 2007, when the designer Bella Freud was heading up the team. Although the price points were well up there with other designer brands at the time and therefore well out of my buying league, I feel that Bella’s designs captured the vintage inspired look to perfection and I instantly coveted every piece. This time around I’m not entirely convinced but it will be interesting to see how the brand does in today’s market.

What do you think? To Biba or not to Biba?!

Modern Milly xx

The Spoon Cafe, Glasgow...a lovely brew and a good cause too!

I went for a bit of an explore yesterday during my work visit to Glasgow and came across an area surrounding a street called Trongate. It’s home to lots of cool creative businesses, art galleries, cute cafes and boutique-y type shops (as well as the odd pound shop and old man pub but hey you get them everywhere!).

As I was wandering, I peered through the window of a café that from the outside didn’t look anything out of the ordinary. However a very nice vintage mirror and starburst clock hanging on the wall immediately caught my eye so I went in to investigate further.

To my delight the interior of the café was right up my style street with an eclectic mix of vintage style knik-knaks and paraphenalia adorning the walls. So of course I had to stay and sample the tea and cakes!

As I sat drinking my lovely brew from a cute, flowery teacup and saucer I learned a bit more about the café itself. It is actually being ran in partnership with Glasgow Community Planning Ltd and is all for a good cause.

The Travelling Spoon run a training project for young people and for adults who have learning or physical difficulties. They are given pre vocational work experience in a busy catering environment. It helps individuals to focus on what they want to do, learn new skills and give them the confidence to move into work either directly or via further education.
By visiting The Travelling Spoon and ordering from their catering service you are supporting Unity Enterprise and allowing them to continue to fund new and existing projects throughout Scotland’

The Spoon Café, 46 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5ES
0141 559 5515

What a fantastic idea and I have to say the service and food were very nice indeed….I shall definitely be returning on my next stay in Glasgow!

Can’t beat a lovely cuppa tea!
Modern Milly xx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Big Coat Conundrum...

All available to buy online(Left to right)

Military Inspired - Zara funnel collar military coat ₤59.99
Vintage style - River Island double breasted swing coat ₤75.00
Trench coat - Miss Selfridge ruffle detail mac ₤65.00
Simple Lines - Mango boucle collarless coat ₤79.90
Proportion - Asos White fold over neck cape coat ₤150.00
Trend driven - Topshop hooded duffle cape ₤75.00

So here's the issue....

Every year when the summer has slipped away into autumn and winter is just around the corner, I seem to have the same panic-inducing question that pops into my head….which style of winter coat should I invest in this year??

I always do a lot of investigating into which styles are key for the season, I read magazines for advice and spend much of my lunch break window shopping, but somehow I always find myself so overwhelmed by the choice that I don’t seem be able to make a sensible decision or even know where to start!

Working in the fashion industry some would assume that I would be a dab hand at this coat buying malarkey but for some reason I’m not. My past 'big coat buying' misdemeanors include purchasing colours that don’t go with half of my wardrobe, patterns that are so hard to match accessories to I spend most of the winter months freezing whilst I look for the perfect hat, scarf and glove combo. Or I purchase coats that simply don’t keep me warm enough as I’ve gone for style over substance. On one occasion I got into such a quandary that I didn’t purchase a warm winter coat full stop and ended up shivering in my spring jacket with 5 layers underneath and looking like a strange version of the Michelin man. Oh the glamour!

So with all that in mind I have decided that this year I am going to get my act together and be sensible about it. I have decided to buy a simple, go with everything NAVY WOOL COAT.

I always find navy goes with pretty much any other colour, is classic in style and is easy to accessorise with pattern. Also the high-street and online stores are full of lovely designs to choose from. So now I’ve got the colour and fabric all I need to decide on is the style….. hmmmn decisions, decisions!

To help with my conundrum I’ve put together a list of the best highstreet/online styles (in my humble opinion) for under ₤150.00. Hopefully this will help anyone else out there who has similar problems in the 'big coat buying' area, or is it just me this happens to?

Happy Shopping!

Modern Milly xx

P.S. I think I'm swinging towards the River Island coat, love the 1960's style and the brown edging is very cute!