Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Big Coat Conundrum...

All available to buy online(Left to right)

Military Inspired - Zara funnel collar military coat ₤59.99
Vintage style - River Island double breasted swing coat ₤75.00
Trench coat - Miss Selfridge ruffle detail mac ₤65.00
Simple Lines - Mango boucle collarless coat ₤79.90
Proportion - Asos White fold over neck cape coat ₤150.00
Trend driven - Topshop hooded duffle cape ₤75.00

So here's the issue....

Every year when the summer has slipped away into autumn and winter is just around the corner, I seem to have the same panic-inducing question that pops into my head….which style of winter coat should I invest in this year??

I always do a lot of investigating into which styles are key for the season, I read magazines for advice and spend much of my lunch break window shopping, but somehow I always find myself so overwhelmed by the choice that I don’t seem be able to make a sensible decision or even know where to start!

Working in the fashion industry some would assume that I would be a dab hand at this coat buying malarkey but for some reason I’m not. My past 'big coat buying' misdemeanors include purchasing colours that don’t go with half of my wardrobe, patterns that are so hard to match accessories to I spend most of the winter months freezing whilst I look for the perfect hat, scarf and glove combo. Or I purchase coats that simply don’t keep me warm enough as I’ve gone for style over substance. On one occasion I got into such a quandary that I didn’t purchase a warm winter coat full stop and ended up shivering in my spring jacket with 5 layers underneath and looking like a strange version of the Michelin man. Oh the glamour!

So with all that in mind I have decided that this year I am going to get my act together and be sensible about it. I have decided to buy a simple, go with everything NAVY WOOL COAT.

I always find navy goes with pretty much any other colour, is classic in style and is easy to accessorise with pattern. Also the high-street and online stores are full of lovely designs to choose from. So now I’ve got the colour and fabric all I need to decide on is the style….. hmmmn decisions, decisions!

To help with my conundrum I’ve put together a list of the best highstreet/online styles (in my humble opinion) for under ₤150.00. Hopefully this will help anyone else out there who has similar problems in the 'big coat buying' area, or is it just me this happens to?

Happy Shopping!

Modern Milly xx

P.S. I think I'm swinging towards the River Island coat, love the 1960's style and the brown edging is very cute!

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  1. I purchased the River Island lovely....and am pleased as punch with my choice! I've had it on every day and it fits perfectly into my wardrobe. Hurrah! Coat conundrum solved....until next year! xx