Thursday, 21 October 2010

A lesson in eteaket ....

So I have made a pact with myself to try and uncover some unique, interesting places to spend my lunch breaks. I spend far too much time and money in well known highstreet coffee shops and to be honest even though they are super convenient, I’m getting a tad bored of them!

I love a quality cup of tea, so during a work visit to Edinburgh last week, and with the above mission in mind, I was recommended to check out a little place called eteaket which is situated not far from the main shopping area on Frederick Street.

eteaket describes itself as a tea boutique and the description doesn’t let you down. They have over 40 different varieties of tea to choose from, which they serve in vintage china teapots and teacups. As you’ve probably guessed it was love at first sight!

‘Like many long-term love affairs, Britain’s relationship with tea has become a bit stale. Back when tea was first introduced in the 1600’s there was chemistry and sparks flew. Tea wasn’t taken for granted then; tea was desired, tea was coveted, tea was smuggled. Tea was most definitely sexy!

After a couple of hundred years though Britain has perhaps become a little too comfortable in its relationship with tea; the romance has gone off the boil. It’s cheap, it’s disposable and it’s served as an afterthought - like flowers from a petrol station.

eteaket aims to rekindle Britain’s passion for tea. Think of it as a younger, better-looking toyboy or mistress but without the guilt or the accompanying midlife crisis.’

Above quote taken from the eteaket website.

I didn’t know which one to try first so I thought I’d play safe and order an English Breakfast tea. To my delight my pot of tea arrived along with a little egg timer so I knew when to remove the tea leaf strainer from the pot. I’ve never had loose leaf tea before so was very impressed!

The cafĂ©’s decor and ambience was bright and welcoming, the perfect location for a spot of lunch or afternoon tea. They also provide free Wifi so I was able to work whilst I sipped from my lovely, vintage, china teacup. Perfect!

This is now definitely my new favourite haunt in Edinburgh and I will most definitely be returning on my next visit. After all I’ve still got 39 more varieties to sample!

For more info check out their website

Modern Milly xx

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