Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New additions....

With Spring in full bloom and new additions springing up in nature I thought it only natural that I share with you all some new additions of my own.

These were pieces that I coveted from afar for ages due to lack of funds, but last month with the sun beginning to shine and a few extra pennies in my pockets, I managed to add these now 'how did I ever live without them' pieces to my wardrobe.

The tan Carvela block heel sandals. Shop here. I was searching for quite a while for a summer shoe option that would replace my beloved and much worn this winter tan lace up boots. I am not a keen wearer of heels but for work I like a shoe that smartens me up a bit but which is easy to drive and walk about in. With this in mind I wanted a heel of a certain size and the above came up trumps. I know that I'm going to wear these sandals with so many outfits this summer and have already started wearing them with tights and ankle socks.

Topshop High waisted mid stone Kristin jeans. Shop here.

These jeans are fabulous. So comfy and 'no builders bum' to worry about when bending over whilst at work. Perfect!

Knitted cape from Topshop ₤10.00 (Sale item)

I love this cape, its a great alternative to a jacket when the weather is still slightly nippy that you need that extra layer. I shall be wearing it lots with the jeans shown above, stripey breton top and ballet pumps. My bargain of the month!

Modern Milly xx

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  1. Those sandals are rather gorge... are they comfy?