Saturday, 1 January 2011

My STYLE Resolutions for 2011.....

Every year I make a list of New Years Resolutions which I tend to stick to for the first month and then slowly forget about as the year proceeds. You know the usual; to eat healthier; do more exercise; be more organised etc.

This year I thought I would do things differently and come up with some Style resolutions which I thought might be easier to stick to. Last year I didn’t feel like I was 100% successful in my wardrobe choices due to lack of organsiation and indecisiveness. I thought if I set myself a couple of rules to follow, it might make getting dressed a bit easier and stress free and also so I make the most of my wardrobe and collection of accessories.

So here goes nothing….

1) Everything in my wardrobe must be something I will wear. The rest needs to be stored away or given to charity. (TICK! I had a bit of a clear out the other day and have a bag awaiting my local charity shop)

2) Keep outfits simple. Don’t over complicate or try to always fit in with trends.

3) Stick to what I know suits me and try and stay true to my personal style.

4) Try to use at least one accessory or piece of jewellery within each outfit.

5) Choose work outfits the night before so not rushing the following morning. (I’m so not a morning person!)

Inspirational effortless Style icons....

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Alexa Chung -
Chloe Sevigny -
Sienna Miller -
Carey Mulligan -

Well I've got my rules and a bit of inspiration so starting Tuesday when I return to work I will hopefully by getting the most out of my wardrobe and feeling a bit more organised, here's hoping anyway! I wonder if I'll last the week!

Here’s to a fantastic 2011!

Modern Milly xx

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  1. Happy New Year! Hope 2011 is full of fun & inspiration for you. Bx