Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Delightfulness and Dreadfulness....

Delighting me this week…..

This 50’s style prom dress from River Island is really, really pretty. The picture doesn’t do it much justice as I originally came across it in-store (I was actually hunting for the skirt version of this print but they had sold out, boo!) and the silhouette is just lovely. As soon as I saw it I imagined myself on the back of a Vespa, zooming round the winding roads of the Italian Amalfi Coast with the wind in my hair…….AND back to reality!!  Not sure if I will actually purchase the dress however as it is ₤44.99 which is a bit pricey for me but I am definitely admiring from afar for now.

My lovely boyfriend bought me the Ike and Tina Turner The Collection album for Christmas which I have been using to brighten up my dreary long drives to work. I have to admit I’ve perhaps been turning it up too loudly and singing along a bit too enthusiastically much to the amusement of my fellow drivers on the M62 but hey, I don’t know any girl who doesn’t turn into a bit of a ‘Tina’ when they hear 'Rolling on a River!! Da do do do do, Do do do do!'

We’re very excited in our household at the moment as we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new Bassett Hound pup, Derek! We chose him from a litter of 6 when he was only 3 weeks old so we have a few weeks to wait before we can bring him home and it seems to be taking forever. The lovely breeders have been fabulous and have sent us photos galore and kept us up to date on his progress. He is SOOOOOO adorable.

I was chuffed to bits the other week when I was visiting Huddersfield for work and ventured into the local Oxfam for a quick scout around on my lunch break. I wasn’t really expecting to find anything but came out with 3 vintage dresses, (see my favourite below) a pair of shoes and a pair of hardly worn Zara shorts all for the bargain price of ₤30. God bless charity shops!

I’ve been trying to be good with clothing purchases this month as I went a bit mad over Christmas but I did allow myself to purchase the below little beauty from New Look ₤19.99 . I spied it online first and the fabric and pretty peter pan collar (will I ever get bored with these collars!) caught my eye. When I tried it on it was quite short in the body but I discovered it goes perfectly with some high waisted cropped black trousers I scored in the H+M sale. Just need the weather to warm up a bit now so I can air my new ensemble teamed with black pumps and large Jackie O sunnies.

Dreadfulness in short….

Getting up at ridiculous o’clock in the morning for work and it feeling like the middle of the night. My lovely boyfriend will agree, I really, really don’t do mornings very well!

I have the unfortunate bad luck of not getting paid until the 5th of every month which in general isn’t really that bad but this month seems to be taking FOREVER!

2011 is the year that I turn 30! Aaaaargh! Frightening! I know everyone says this but I really don’t feel like I should be leaving my 20’s just yet. I’m trying to look on it as the next exciting chapter of my life but urgh I’m not happy about it. On a happier note though I need to decide how I am going to celebrate this milestone. If I have no choice but to be dragged into my 30’s then I am determined to have on the most amazing frock I have ever owned and a cocktail in hand. Got to celebrate in style, just need to decide when, where and how!

Hope you're all having a delightful week!

Modern Milly xx

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  1. PUPPY! Soo cute. Love the frock, I never find anything in charity shops down here anymore, they seem to be already picked over.