Thursday, 16 December 2010

Holidays are coming....

Thought it might be nice to share a couple of photos of my chrimbo decorations as I was just sat here feeling all cosy and festive.

This is our first christmas in this house so weve had to buy and source all the decorations from scratch.

We were lucky to find some really lovely bits in charity shops (the pretty framed cross stitch was found by my lovely man on our recent trawl of the Edinburgh Charity shops) and it looks perfect in our lounge.

Weve been collecting all the baubles for the last couple of months as we wanted to fill the tree with individual treasures. We did have to add some cheap fillers to make it look fuller for the moment but the plan is to raid the sales to stock up on bits for next year!

I just absolutely love being at home at christmas, surrounded by pretty lights and gorgeous festive scented candles and stuffing my face with mince pies. It really does put a big smile on my face!

Are you all in the festive spirit yet?

Modern Milly xx

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  1. You and yours have lovely taste when it comes to Christmas decorations. They're rustic and traditional and really lovely :) I ADORE being at home over the festive period, though unfortunately for me I'm not back until Christmas eve because of work :( It'll all be worth it though for the money! Only 3 days to go! :) jazzy ♥