Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Barbara Hulanicki for George @ Asda

Butterfly Print Bow Dress ₤20

Lurex waterfall Cardigan ₤20

Animal Print Bow dress ₤20

Metallic Stripe Cardign ₤20
Slim leg black trousers ₤14

I was extremely excited to learn that the legendary designer of Biba fame is back, after snubbing the re-launch of the iconic brand into House of Fraser stores, with a 14 piece collection for George at Asda. The collaboration has produced a collection which is wonderfully retro in style and amazing value in price.

Barbara’s intentions when she first launched Biba in the 1960’s was to produce high fashion but at high street prices. She seems to have achieved it once again with this new mini collection which incorporates her signature retro inspired silhouettes and prints.

Above are a few of my favourite 70’s inspired pieces which are all available to buy online now or instore. For more information visit their website

I’m loving the leopard print dress and at ₤20 it’s such a bargain. Sorry Tesco but I might have to take a trip to Asda next week!

Modern Milly xx


  1. I was so excited about the collection but I have to be honest - I'm really disappointed! The animal print dress is my favourite but I still don't think it has the Hulanicki magic...

    Penny x

  2. I'm not keen on some of it but I would really like the leopard dress. Probably something to do with the large bow on the front - I'm such a sucker for a bow!

    Sally x

  3. Hey girls,

    Thanks for the comments! I agree that it's no way as amazing as it could be and doesn't live up to the legend that is Biba however I think that for the price point and the fact that it is a collaboration with a value supermarket that it isn't a bad effort. I think I was more excited about the fact that BH was back more than the collection itself and the promise of what's to come in the future?!

    Perhaps in reflection a collaboration with George @ Asda wasn't the most exciting comeback but I do think the one thing BH wanted to do was promote value for money and George @ Asda maybe helped her to achieve that?
    Hopefully her next collection will have more of a wow factor! :-) xx