Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The definition of the Snood ...

The definition of the Snood….


The above descriptions are the words of my lovely boyfriend. His argument being: what is wrong with the humble scarf: simple, classic, reliable and fashionable.

My argument is why not??

Fashion in general is a total indulgence and the industry is always on the look out for new shapes and silhouettes so why not have an accessory that keeps your head and neck snuggly warm in one.

However the snood is not a new fangled thing, oh no, I remember the snood from my childhood however we called it a cowl back then (not sure if anyone else did?) It was a great way of keeping warm and for children who always seemed to lose accessories (moi!), a hat and scarf in one was the perfect idea, alongside mittens tied with a piece of string and inserted through the coat sleeves. Oh the memories!

Leopard print knit snood – ASOS ₤20.00

Military style snood – New Look ₤6.99

Oatmeal bobble knit – Dorothy Perkins ₤16.00

Black super sequined snood – Miss Selfridge ₤20.00

Anyway I’m loving the reincarnation of the cowl, ahem sorry, the SNOOD and I’m embracing it fully. There are so many styles, fabrics and colours to choose from out there on the highstreet at the moment and above are my favourite picks. From a snuggly warm bobble knit for daytime to the ultra glam sequin number to keep you warm for an evening out the choice is yours.

So in reply to all you doubters out there I’m afraid MY definition of the Snood will have to be as follows…

Of the moment

What would yours be?

Modern Milly xx

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