Monday, 7 November 2011

All a twitter...

Asos Bird Print 40's style tea dress £50.00
Ebay Bird Wall Art
Nadinoo's A bird a day dress £155.00
Not on the high street Hand printed bird cushions £30.00
Orla Keily Birdie Wool Jacqaurd Shirt dress £325.00
Urban Outfitters Bird Jewellery Stand £15.00
Asos Bird Print Tunic £35.00

Ooh I'm all a twitter with an Autumn print trend that seems to be emerging. Pretty little birdies are printed everywhere at the moment from lovely day dresses to cute homewares... the bird print has definitely taken flight (please excuse the puns, I can't help myself!)

My absolute favourite prints are by the boutique designer Nadinoo. Their Autumn Winter Collection is just gorgeous not only for the beautifully cut silhouettes but for their original, bird print fabrics.

For the more purse friendly options Asos are suitably stocked, I would scoop that fabulous 40's tea dress up in an instant, if only I wasnt trying to be good and spend my money solely on Christmas presents at the moment.

Oh well window shopping it is then, sigh!

Modern Milly xx


  1. THAT COAT. Ah, window shopping will never be as good as the real thing. Sigh x

  2. Oh those cushions! Too cute!

    Penny x